Create-a-Caption: Vol. 13

August 10, 2012

I am back on ‘Duk’s good side as far as Create-a-Captions are concerned.  I actually have my fourteenth win already wrapped up, but I don’t want to post three victories in a row.  That seems like it’s crossing the humble brag line and into straight up Caption Bragging.  And I may be many things, but a Caption Braggart is not one of them.

So I’ll wait until I finish my Master’s thesis and can get back into some actual writing and break up all these Create-a-Caption victories.

David Wright Create-a-Caption

Snooki is an easy target. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

As always, you can click here to view the original article.


Create-a-Caption: Vol. 12

August 6, 2012

Not my finest work, but nothing to sneeze at.

Gerardo Parra Create-a-Caption

‘Police Academy’. Everyone gets it.

You can check out the original article here.

Create-a-Caption: Vol. 11

July 20, 2012

Is it too early to crown me the Big League Stew Create-a-Caption Champion?  Living in Pennsylvania, I know a lot about Sasquatch.  He’s a local celebrity in the Key Stone state.  Imagine my excitement when I saw the last Create-a-Caption featured our own furry friend.

Create-a-Caption Brian Wilson

Internet copy editor extraordinaire!

You can jump to the link to view my actual webpage victory here.  And while you’re at it, drop a couple thumbs up for my most recent submission.

Create-a-Caption: Vol. 10

May 23, 2012

I’m getting awfully good at these Create-a-Captions.

Create-a-Caption Orel-Kirk-Tommy

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

You can check out the actual article here.  I’m working on my next winner already.  It’s tough being an editor genius like myself.

Also, on an unrelated note, I’d like to apologize to my constant readers for my absence over the last month.  I just wrapped up baseball season and my school year is winding down.  I’ll have plenty to report on in the coming days.

I know, I know.  I miss you too.

Create-a-Caption: Vol. 9

April 5, 2012

I DID IT!  Victory is mine!  I finally won a Create-a-Caption contest at the blog Big League Stew!  After dozens of submissions and several near victories, I finally came out on top making light of Ryan Howard and his ironically weak Achilles heals.

Create-a-Caption Big League Stew Ryan Howard

I wish I could do my job sitting down.

I openly admit that I think Nate’s caption is funnier than mine.  I feel like I’ve produced some captions that are much funnier and didn’t place.  That being said, I don’t think you can deny that my caption is worthy of a placement in the top four captions for this contest.  I’m assuming that ‘Duk finally came to his senses and realized that I’m a relentless caption creator.  I did not rest until I won

Click here for the link to the original article.

Stay tuned for my next victory.  Hopefully it’ll be coming soon.

Create-a-Caption: Vol. 8

September 8, 2011

I’ve had to catalog my Create-a-Caption contests because I’m starting to lose count of how many of them I place in, but don’t win.  I had a great vibe about this one as soon as my fingers left the keyboard.  After looking at all the other submissions, I was sure that mine would come out on top.  It was subtle and simple.  It wasn’t nearly as funny as the blow up doll comment, but I knew that’d never see the light of day.  I’m in this to win it, so mine’s family-friendly as well.

Between the glaringly weak competition and nuanced caption, I’m disappointed to say I’ve collected another second place finish.

Dammit, ‘Duk!  When I finally win, it’s going to be like Christmas.

Jered Weaver Create-a-Caption

Doesn't Jered Weaver look like Daniel Tosh in this picture?

The Create-a-Caption Saga continues

September 5, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve placed in one of these Create-a-Caption contests.  Not because my captions are any less funny, mind you, but because they’ve instituted a new voting system where people have the opportunity to vote on their favorite captions.  Clearly everyone is jealous at how funny and creative mine are, so they don’t receive a whole lot of votes.  I’m not sure how much the votes count, however, because I still placed this week even though I didn’t receive any votes.  Anyways, here’s the picture.

Another honorable mention. It's like kissing your sister. I think I'd rather kiss your sister at this point.

I think I placed on this one because that quote is from a hilarious television show and the episode it’s from happens to be about baseball.  If you leave me a comment below telling me the name of the show and the character who said that, I’ll say something nice about you.

No googling!

You can check out the original article here at Big League Stew.  While you’re at it, login to your Yahoo! account and vote for my Jered Weaver comment.