Fantasy owners, pay close attention to Travis d’Arnaud.

I learned a lot about social media this past year.  One of the things I learned was that Twitter is an amazing, amazing resource in this age of information.

You’re reading a blog written by a guy who has no more writing credentials than a journalism class in high school, taught by the wonderful Mrs. Massey.  This was coupled with a handful of college English classes.  I have no editor above me.  No deadlines.  And no accountability.

One of the things I learned from writing as a hard-nosed reporter for the Cambridge Springs High School Pitchfork as well as watching Season 5 of ‘The Wire’ is that fact checking is very important.

Templeton the Wire; Templeton Charlotte's Web

Templetons: They’re all a bunch of rats.

Any average Joe can write anything they want about any topic they want, but that doesn’t necessarily make it reporting.  However, Twitter has helped to bridge recreational writers and recreational reporters.

Here I am doing my due diligence. I’ve gone right to the source, as much as I can on this one.  The other day I heard word that uber-prospect Travis d’Arnaud had been fielding ground balls at first base.  So short of sitting next to him at his locker after a game, I figured the only other way to contact Travis was via Twitter.  So I did.

travis darnaud twitter

Now, his account isn’t verified, but he is followed by Buster Olney, his brother, Chase, the MLBPA, and Minor League Baseball on Twitter.  I’m assuming they’re not all following some weird, random guy behind his computer.

So fantasy players, I can only assume Toronto is looking to get his bat in their lineup sometime soon.  My initial thought was the Carlos Santana project in Cleveland, where The Tribe began using Carlos at first, catcher, and DH.

Of course, that’s all speculation.  There’s no Twitter source confirming that.


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