Doppelgänger of the Day: Vol. 12

Every Tuesday I tune into FX at 10 PM to watch my favorite United States Marshall chase down crazy pill-popping meth addicts, drug dealers, and organ harvesters.  Timothy Olyphabulous, who stars as protagonist Raylan Givens, was initially the reason I started tuning in each week.  However, I quickly gravitated to another character on the show, Arlo Givens, Raylan’s criminally insane father.  Why did I connect with this character?  Because he’s played by Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul looks an awful lot like a racist, drug peddling abusive father from Harlan County.

Give your friends a nickel if you show them this picture and they can pick out Ron Paul.

Ron Paul doesn’t really play Arlo Givens.  It’s actually Raymond J. Barry, who’s also starred in the critically acclaimed movie ‘Walk Hard’.  But if you tune in every week, imagine the Presidential hopeful making decisions for Boyd and the gang and it’ll make the show much more enjoyable.


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