The MLB FanCave

I’ve made it no secret that I like baseball.  Because of my passion (bordering on neurotic obsession), I have the opportunity to win a contest put on by Major League Baseball to go to their FanCave in New York City.

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, ‘Yeah, right.  Sure.  You submitted your name in a contest.  Good luck.’  Well, I’m one of the fifty finalists out of a few thousand candidates.

I’m now in a popularity contest with the video I submitted to see which contestants will move on to the next round before Major League Baseball selects the candidates that they want to live in an apartment in downtown New York City for an entire baseball season writing about… well, baseball.

So, constant readers, or random guests, if you could click on the image or link below and watch my video, then ‘like’ it, I would greatly appreciate it.  I’ll be keeping you all up-to-date on what happens with my future.  It could be getting a little spicy in the near future.

Thanks for your support!

Burdick: 2012!

Andy Burdick MLB FanCave

Handsome and charming you say? Why thank you.

Andy Burdick’s MLB FanCave Video.  It’s hotter than any other viral video out there now!


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