It’s nice to see someone at ESPN still has a sense of humor.

So ESPN, being the mass-market sports giant that they are, has created a branch of their empire known as ESPNW.  ESPNW is dedicated to serving females athletes and fans by highlighting women’s sports.

ESPNW logo

I know you're trying, but no one cares about the WNBA.

After listening to the Baseball Today podcast on the other day, I found a video that caught my attention.  It features hard-hitting reporter Jordan Zucker as she takes to the tailgates to ask Miami fans the tough question:

Is it okay to suck for Luck?

Jordan Zucker suck for Luck

Who will suck for Luck? Find out by watching the video!

Jordan Zucker’s sigh is practically audible when she’s kicking off this video.  Either her producer has an awesome sense of humor or he really hates Jordan Zucker and wants her to fail.  Don’t worry Jordan, even Erin Andrews had to start somewhere.


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