The Create-a-Caption Saga continues

It’s been a while since I’ve placed in one of these Create-a-Caption contests.  Not because my captions are any less funny, mind you, but because they’ve instituted a new voting system where people have the opportunity to vote on their favorite captions.  Clearly everyone is jealous at how funny and creative mine are, so they don’t receive a whole lot of votes.  I’m not sure how much the votes count, however, because I still placed this week even though I didn’t receive any votes.  Anyways, here’s the picture.

Another honorable mention. It's like kissing your sister. I think I'd rather kiss your sister at this point.

I think I placed on this one because that quote is from a hilarious television show and the episode it’s from happens to be about baseball.  If you leave me a comment below telling me the name of the show and the character who said that, I’ll say something nice about you.

No googling!

You can check out the original article here at Big League Stew.  While you’re at it, login to your Yahoo! account and vote for my Jered Weaver comment.


One Response to The Create-a-Caption Saga continues

  1. Crop Circles…..I’m making Crop Circles!!!!!!

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