Doppelgänger of the Day: Vol. 11

One of the many benefits of having summers off is that it affords plenty of time to watch History Channel documentaries.  The other day I was channel surfing and quickly found myself engrossed in a History Channel original docudrama titled ‘After Armageddon‘.  This show chronicled the journey of the Johnson family who were trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic United States.

Well worth an hour and a half of your time.

One of the things that immediately struck me about the show was how it starred an incredibly young Ray Romano.  Once I heard the guy talk, however, I knew he was no Manny the Mastodon.  Nope.  It was just television documentary regular Rob Hartz.

Boy, you catch that Rob Hartz guy in the appropriate lighting and he immediately looks like a family-friendly comedian. With better hair.


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