On my friends on the Foo Fighters

Around these parts insulting the Foo Fighters is like challenging someone to a duel: not a good idea.  Add the fuel of a case of Miller Lite and you’d be better off telling Neil Armstrong he faked the moon landing.

We don't take kindly to you talking about Dave like that 'round here.

So last night my friend Mike thought he’d play Devil’s advocate and stir the pot a little bit on facebook.  I don’t think he had any idea how quickly his evening would devolve from there.  If you manage to read all 142 (I think) comments, the ending is totally worth it.


Things started out innocently enough a week or so ago.

And then they quickly unraveled from there.

I'm not quite sure how 'multi' was misspelled as 'mulch', but it definitely occurred. Clearly the Miller Lite is working its magic.

Apparently Mike chooses the greatest albums ever based solely on record sales. What an idiot..

The only way to conclude this argument is by stating the obvious.


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