I found my unicorn this summer.

This past weekend I was visiting my good friend in Washington, DC.  While there, my vehicle was broken into as I was in the middle of a harrowing quest to find my unicorn.  Now, my unicorn is probably different than the unicorn you think of when you’re watching your cousin play with her toys on the living room floor.

The alluring Agent Walker.

My unicorn: a hot redheaded woman.

I was thinking about this a few weeks back while I was talking with some friends about Agent Renee Walker, a federal agent on the TV show ’24’.  I stated that I thought Agent Walker was totally hot.  My one friend, who is also a fan of the show, looked at me like I just farted and said, ‘Dude, she’s a redhead.’

I was a little taken aback by that comment.  The tone with which it was stated; the way that he used the word ‘dude’ as a pejorative.  He treated me like I had just said that The Elephant Man was hot.

The Elephant Man. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I had to dig deeper.  My friend had made a brash statement with a lot of implication behind it.  Of course he initially delved into the truths we all know about our redheaded brethren: they have fiery tempers, they can drink like sailors, they are incredibly outspoken, they all know how to dance jigs at the end of the rainbow when they find a pot of gold.  I then felt it was my duty to explain to him that those are all qualities that I look for in a woman, so I don’t see what his problem is.

As I dug deeper into his animosity, he further explained that every redhead his friends were involved with were nothing but trouble.  That information had to have been extremely prejudicial once it was embedded in his subconscious.  Fortunately for me, I don’t operate with any such preconceptions when it comes to attractive women.  It doesn’t matter if they’re blonde, brunette, or a redhead.

I voiced this opinion, leading off with some examples of attractive redheaded women; again with Renee Walker, Christina Hendricks, from ‘Mad Men’, and Gillian Anderson.

A few more examples of some hot redheads. I haven't met either of them in real life, sadly.

After explaining how I find redheaded women attractive, my friend responded with, ‘Yeah.  But how many do you know in real life?’  Well, I had no witty retort for that.  Even though I had seen plenty of attractive redheads in those fancy motion pictures and on the television screen, I had never actually dated a smoking hot redhead.  Some of my friends had told me tales of their exploits with those sneaky, ginger-topped sirens.  However, I had yet to actually witness one of those sultry wonders with my own eyes.  They were mythical creatures, these attractive redheads.  They were my unicorn.

The mythical unicorn - a gorgeous redhead.

If you happen to be charming, quick-witted, and fortunate enough to find a unicorn and capture their attention, embrace that moment.  Don’t take it for granted. Gentlemen, I implore you, throw your biases out the window.  Open up your hearts to the overly freckled population.  That splendid treasure may just be the most interesting person you’ll sit down and have a drink with.  And then she might drink you under the table.

That being said, make sure to snap a picture with your camera phone.  Just in case your friends don’t believe you.


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