The rewards of coaching high school sports are certainly not financial.

As a varsity baseball coach, I put in a lot of hours.  Hours prepping for practice, practicing, and talking about what we see and how to adjust consume my life right now.  It’s all worth it on days like today though.

Someday I hope to make a millioin bucks doing this job.

Because we play baseball in Northwestern Pennsylvania, our first time on an actual baseball field this season was today when we scrimmaged another local high school.

Baseball is a winter sport around these parts.

During games, I coach first base, which means I spend most of my day reminding kids to check the signs from our third base coach, remind them of the outs, and to get a solid primary lead and a good secondary lead.  So I miss a lot of what goes on in the dugout.

After the game today, another coach on our staff told me about an incident in our dugout while I was out coaching on the bases.  Our Junior Varsity team was sitting on the bench while our starters played the first three innings.  One of our fourth year seniors who was in the dugout turned to the freshmen and said, “Let’s go guys!  Get up on the fence [and cheer]!”  The freshmen were a little perplexed.  So he repeated himself.

“Let’s go guys!  Get up on the fence!  This is what we do for Maplewood baseball!”

I am hard-pressed to think of a time when I felt such a sense of pride.  That deserves an ‘atta baby.


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