Bryce Harper is your God now.

Just keeping tabs on the most coveted 18 year old in the United States.  Other than Miley Cyrus, of course.

Someday these two will grow up, get their drivers licenses, and have the most talented children in the history of the world.

The number one overall pick was compared to all-time greats Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez at 17 years of age.  He was anointed as “Baseball’s Chosen One” by Sports Illustrated.  He earned his GED so he could leave high school two years early and go play Junior College baseball, where he tore up the circuit to the tune of .443/31/98 in 66 games.  And he did it while swinging a wooden bat.  The kid’s basically the Paul Bunyan of baseball.

Sent to earth by our Heavenly Father to save humanity from itself.

So, with his first taste of professional baseball this fall, all eyes were on the wonder-kid who seems to be a modern day Roy Hobbs.  How did he do this fall?  He put on a nice little show for someone who would typically be bagging groceries and taking ECON 101 at his age.  Baseball is a cruel game when it comes to draft picks.  Having number one talent certainly doesn’t guarantee success in professional baseball (hello Bryan Bullington).  However, this kid seems pretty hellbent on making himself the best in the business and, while only at 18 years old, I’m not going to bet against him.

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