On memories, relationships, and fantasy sports

It’s funny how memories evolve over time.  My friends and I have told and retold stories so many times that when one of us tells a story, a lot of us have a hard time remembering if we were actually there.  The lines of the memory get blurry because we’ve heard the story so many times and we know each other so well that we feel like we were a part of the story regardless.

Sometimes that happens with real life memories too.  An event happens and from your perspective it doesn’t quite align with how someone else remembers it.  I call this Eric Cartman Syndrome.  Eventually you do enough mental gymnastics that you make yourself remember your story however you want to remember it.

"You saved everybody from the Jewbots, Cartman!"

The other evening I was in the middle of an in-depth anthropological research project on the history of my facebook account.  This incredibly valuable sociological research stemmed from a comment from a few months back that I  needed to find as well as five mixed drinks from Phillip, the bartender at the Riverside Inn. Eventually these precipitating factors resulted in my clicking of older posts all the way back to the beginning of my facebook account.  Along the way I chronicled some very important events in my facebook history by photo capturing them.   As I collected and catologued this very important historical data, I stumbled upon a girl whom I dated for a couple of months back in 2007.

By all accounts, I remember it being a fun relationship.  The girl was totally hot, funny, liked good music, etc.  Unfortunately our relationship didn’t end on the best of terms.  I distinctly remember one day she was nagging me about going to see a movie after I’d just finished restraining a student for two hours.  This student had attempted to eat my tie and spit all over me.  I was not in a mood to go see a movie.  I remember trying to communicate this to her and she hung up on me.  The first night we met I had told her that I couldn’t tolerate people who hung up in the middle of a phone call.  She  knew what buttons she was pushing.

So naturally after rehashing through these memories, I was kind of curious as to what she was up to now-a-days.  So I did what any former gentlemanly beau would do and sent her a message on facebook asking how she was doing and wishing her well.  Apparently she hasn’t quite emotionally healed from that last fight just yet, because this is the response that I received.

Considering how angry she is, I found it considerate that she would wish me well also.

I don’t really remember telling her that fantasy baseball was more important than she was, but ya know, I have to be honest… that does sound like something I may have, at one point in my life, said.

But, I will have to say in my defense, I did win both of my fantasy leagues this season.


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