On man-stuff

I am a busy little bee as of late.  This year I’ve taken on a lot of professional responsibilities that I either didn’t want or didn’t have the opportunity to take on at my previous job.  As a result of all this extra work, I’ve recently found myself exhausted.  Due to this exhaustion, I’ve found that in my hustle and bustle, I often overlook simple things that before were routine and commonplace.

For example, today I took a can of Campbell Chunky Soup’s delicious New England Clam Chowder into work for my lunch.

"Mmm Mmm! Good!"

I thought about it all morning.  How delicious and warm it was going to be.  The exquisite soup that eats like a meal beckoned all morning long.  To make matters worse, I had lunch duty today.  Imagine my dismay as all of the students in the cafeteria were enjoying their chicken poppers and potatoes with corn, all the while, my Campbell’s Chunky sat in my bag upstairs. Cold and alone.

By the time I was off lunch duty, I could hardly take it.  Half an hour past my regular lunch time, I was exasperated.  My salvation sat in a duffle on the floor, just waiting to save me from the pangs of hunger that had plagued me all morning.  My heart skipped a beat as I pulled the beautiful red can out of the bag, then it sank just as quickly when I was struck with a sudden realization: I had forgotten my bowl.

"Why? Whhhhyyyyyy?!"

Today was one of those days when I came to a certain crossroads in my life.  I clearly had two distinct choices:

1. As unappetizing as it sounded, I could eat my soup cold.

Or, 2, I could use a little ingenuity and elbow grease and go downstairs and get my coffee cup.  And then heat my soup up in that.

Deciding that no man in America should be forced to eat his soup cold, I grabbed my coffee cup and made my way to the faculty room.  As I popped the tab, I received a few stares from my fellow coworkers.  One of them chuckled.

“Aren’t you even going to wash it out?”

I shook my head.

“Man-stuff,” she said.

I smiled as I poured my soup into my Ceramic Coffee Cup, Not a Paper Cup and placed it in the microwave.


This is seriously not a paper cup.

Heating up my soup, half a can at a time, in a coffee cup that I used just that morning for coffee.  Man-stuff indeed.


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