Ever wonder what it was like to be a top Pittsburgh Pirates prospect?

And, let’s be honest, who hasn’t?

If you’re at all curious about the day-to-day lifestyle of a professional ballplayer, Pirates’ catching prospect Tony Sanchez will be blogging about his experience in the Arizona Fall League this year.  Sanchez fell victim to a shattered jaw this summer and missed a huge chunk of the minor league season.  Now that he’s back in action, he also gets one of those sweet helmets with a facemask.  The kind the dorky kids had to wear in Little League because they were scared about getting whacked in the face.

"Make sure you clean off your classes and put in your mouthguard before you go up to bat, Reuben."

Sanchez has yet to be jaded by his baseball experience in Pittsburgh, and it’s refreshing to hear him speaking so positively about the farm system.

Our staff is full of guys with power fastballs and wipe out sliders, not any arms on this team throwing anything less then low 90’s, which is always impressive.

Of course, he probably has yet to meet Daniel Moskos, Brad Lincoln, Paul Mahalom, or the rest of our stable of busted first round pitching prospects.  Who knows.  Maybe he’s an undying optimist.

If you want to follow Tony Sanchez and his blogging experiment this fall, follow this link to his official MLB Blog.  It’ll definitely be worth a gander.


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