Tubesteak Fantasy Football: Week 1

Fantasy football is upon us which means two things: 1. Beer drinking is going to increase exponentially and 2. All friendships are on hold for the next 16 weeks.  I’m going to break down a few statistics in our long-running fantasy football league, Tubesteak, which will be interesting for about 12 people on the planet.

Tubesteak features the following positions:


It also features standard Yahoo! scoring (No PPR, QB TD’s = 4 points, etc).

This season, and particularly in Week 1,  I’m going to focus on the running back matchups as well as the Week 1 flex position.  We’ll take a look at the week’s scores, running back points, and flex position started (WR/RB) and their points scored, then discuss some Week 1 trends.

Chinchillos (70.48 ) v Meekrats (69.52)

Meekrats Running Backs – 14.9 (Steven Jackson, Ricky Williams)

Meekrats Flex RB – 5.7 (Ryan Mathews)

Chinchillos RB – 9.4 (Ryan Grant, Michael Turner)

Chinchillos Flex RB – 9.4 (Cedric Benson)

Tri-Boro South (118.82) v. Boss Hogg (65.74)

Congratulations are in order for team Boss Hogg for successfully winning the Blowout of the Week Award, sponsored by Colonblow!  Team Boss Hogg would like to remind all of you that Poopin’ is cool.

Tri-Boro South Running Backs – 22.8 (Frank Gore, Ronnie Brown)

Tri-Boro South Flex RB – 41.8 (Arian Foster)

Boss Hogg Running Backs – 8.5 (LaDanian Tomlinson, Shonn Greene)

Boss Hogg Flex RB – 15.6 (Jahvid Best)

White is Right (98.12) v. No Ma’am (85.52)

White is Right Running Backs – 18.6 (Maurice Jones-Drew, Joseph Addai)

White is Right Flex WR – 4.8 (Malcom Floyd)

No Ma’am Running Backs – 34 (Matt Forte, Thomas Jones)

No Ma’am Flex WR – .3 (Bernard Berrian)

Chili con Queso (89.58) v. El Banditos (77.78)

Chili con Queso Running Backs – 20.6 (LeSean McCoy, Clinton Portis)

Chili Con Queso Flex WR – 9 (Donald Driver)

El Banditos Running Backs – 29.6 (Adrian Peterson, Rashard Mendenhall)

El Banditos Flex WR – 7.8 (Laurent Robinson)

Pepe Silvia (95.58) v. Prestige Worldwide (75.22)

Pepe Silvia Running Backs – 27.4 (Jamaal Charles, Tim Hightower)

Pepe Silvia Flex RB – 9.8 (Carnell Williams)

Prestige Worldwide Running Backs – 10.2 (Ray Rice, Marion Barber)

Prestige Worldwide Flex WR – 6.2 (Marques Colston)

Pooja’s Pride (94.54) v. Iron Will (93.86)

Pooja’s Pride Running Backs – 28.4 (Chris Johnson, C.J. Spiller)

Pooja’s Pride Flex RB – 5.9 (Jerome Harrison)

Iron Will Running Backs – 12.8 (DeAngelo Williams, Felix Jones)

Iron Will Flex RB – 14.6 (Pierre Thomas)

Week 1 was an interesting week, full of surprises and intrigue.  In the ‘Where the f*ck did that guy come from’ news, Tri-Boro South’s Arian Foster galloped for 231 yards and 3 touchdowns on his way to 41.8 fantasy points against Indianapolis and Team Boss Hogg from the flex position.  Chris Johnson continued to show why he was worth the number one pick in fantasy drafts this year as he ran for 142 yards and 2 touchdowns this week.  Overall, players started in the running back position combined for a league average of 19.7 points during Week 1.

Flex position running backs were rewarded handsomely in Week 1.  Teams that started a running back at the flex position in Week 1 scored an average of 14.7 points (the weekly average still remained at 10.2 points if you take out Arian Foster’s monster week of 41 fantasy points).  Wide receivers from the flex averaged 5.62 points in Week 1, which means that if you rolled the dice with a receiver and scored over 6 points, congratulations!  You beat the average.

In isolation, if you compare the average lowest score out of the 2 position players plus 1 flex position for the teams that started 3 running backs versus the teams that started 3 wide receivers, you would find that teams that started 3 running backs in Week 1 averaged 5.2 points out of their lowest contributor (that average was lowered considerably by Shonn Greene and his less than stellar 18 yards rushing, 9 receiving yards, and 1 fumble).  Teams that started 3 wide receivers in Week 1 averaged 3.26 points from their lowest contributors.

All-in-all, Week 1 demonstrated why there’s such an emphasis on drafting strong running backs in fantasy football.  Running backs get more touches consistently, which means they’re going to have the opportunity to score more points consistently.  Yes, players like wide receiver Andre Johnson have the upside of having an insane 40 point week, but you never know when a receiver is going to have a week where their team doesn’t need to run the ball, the quarterback doesn’t target them, the defense schemes to shut them down, or some other offensive malady (Case in point, Arian Foster’s stellar day rushing in Week 1 for the Texans contributed to Andre Johnson’s 33 yard, no touchdown week).

Consistency is the key to surviving 16 weeks of fantasy football, gentlemen.  Only through the running backs, shall you prevail.


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