A biopic I’d love to see made

With the upcoming release of David Fincher’s The Social Network, I found myself wondering what other ensemble biopics I thought could be turned into workable pieces of art.  After visiting the couch of my friends Mike and Elizabeth last night, I think I’ve struck cinema gold.

The Blanket with Sleeves

This biopic would chronicle the epic rise of the cultural phenomenon that is the Snuggie® and the simultaneous dramatic collapse of the relationships behind the friends who invented it.  Before it became the self proclaimed ‘America’s Favorite Blanket with Sleeves’, a young, sexy group of employees at Allstar Marketing hatched the genius idea of making the worn out idea of a blanket way cooler.  Instead of just being able to sit underneath a blanket, they decide to make a blanket much more practicle and easier to use when doing things on a couch, like reading or using the remote, by giving it sleeves.

This movie will star Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, and child star Ben Savage from 'Boy Meets World'.

This close-knit (did I mention sexy?) group would eventually collapse under the pressures of their initial success, which would result in a catastrophic internal argument amongst them.  Half of the group would leave to create the Slanket.  Angered and emotionally wounded from the betrayal of their former friends, the other group would go on to take the Slanket and make it even better.

Thus, out of the ashes of ruined friendships…

the Snuggie® is born.

Betrayal. Intruige. Sex. Snuggies. Slankets.


Tagline 1: Don’t wear your heart on your sleeves.

Tagline 2: The best friendships are hemmed at the sleeves.


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