‘Twas the Summer of My Discontent

I’ve had a difficult last few minutes as I’ve finally come to the stark realization that tonight is the eve before I must return to work.  This news saddens me.  I know I haven’t had to work for the last two and a half months, but I was really starting to enjoy it.

I believe that my dissatisfaction stems from how my summer vacation was spent.  Now, let me preface this by saying that I traveled a lot this summer and had a lot of fun.  But, as I explained earlier, I spent over a month of my time off suffering from costochondritis.  That malady not only ruined my vacation to the fabulous Las Vegas and Los Angeles, but also ruined my life for over a month.  It literally sapped my will to exist.  Because breathing was so laborious, I spent most of my West Coast Excursion curled up in a hotel bed or on my cousin’s couch waiting for the icy cold hand of death to squeeze out the remaining oxygen from my lungs.

I was awaiting his unsympathetic knock on my door.

Readjusting to a life of getting up at 5:30 and having things to do will be no easy task.  While this was the Summer of My Discontent, as aforementioned, the discomfort in my life also forced me to be, for lack of a better word, a total bum.  Prior to last week, I literally hadn’t gone on a run for around two months.  Struggling might be an understatement.

Eating healthy was nonexistent this summer as I spent most of my time in foreign kitchens which didn’t offer me access to all of my frozen fruits and bags of spinach.  Instead it was filled with lots of these:

I ate In-N-Out Burgers by the dozen this summer. And I wonder why I have stomach issues.

That’s a 4×4 Animal style In-N-Out burger that I decimated in less than a 10 minute car ride home, much to the amazement of my cousin Kent.  While delicious, when combined with extreme laziness, the results are less than desirable.

I suppose, however, now that I’ve I’ve had a few moments to contemplate my future of returning to the working world, it might not be such a bad thing.   I’m actually approaching the concept of ‘work’ in a much more positive light.  Number one, it will, very quickly, get me back into a routine for eating, running, and sleeping, which I’m sure will all make me feel much more healthy in general.  Two, when work starts, that means that fall has finally arrived, which also means that fantasy football season is right around the corner.  And that also means that fantasy baseball is on the home stretch.  Which also means that, yes, I am dominating my fantasy baseball leagues yet again.

It’s like stealing candy from a lot of really large babies.

Man.  I’m actually really excited about work starting now.


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