Edinboro University’s own Trevor Harris.

In case you’re not a follower of all things Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, recent EUP graduate and former Fighting Scots quarterback Trevor Harris signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars as an undrafted free agent after the 2010 NFL Draft.

Trevor Harris Edinboro University Quarterback

Trevor Harris, two-time PSAC player of the year. I know who I'm taking with my number one pick in next week's fantasy draft!

Harris hasn’t looked great during training camp or in his few brief preseason appearances, but it’s understandable considering he’s jumping from Division II football to the NFL.  Something very few starting or backup NFL quarterbacks have ever done.  At the opening of camp, Harris was believed to have been able to compete with Luke McCown for the backup role with the Jaguars, but since his play during camp and preseason games, it’s looking more and more like he’ll end up as a practice squad quarterback for the 2010 season.  Still, despite the learning curve, scouts believe Harris has the tools to develop into an NFL-caliber quarterback someday.

All those things considered, Yahoo! Fantasy Football still likes Trevor Harris more than the Division I record setting Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, who is on the verge of being cut as the regular season approaches.

Thank you, Yahoo!, for being an excellent judge of talent.  Enjoy your five wins this season, Cleveland.


2 Responses to Edinboro University’s own Trevor Harris.

  1. Jonathan says:

    Are you re-posting old blog posts? I’m confused.

  2. Andy says:

    Nope. Just have to go back through every single one of them and make sure that the images I lost are reloaded. How did you even see this one was updated?

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