Dexter Early Cuts

Last summer I was perusing the Netflix Live libraries and happened upon the Showtime series ‘Dexter’.  I knew that the lead actor in the show, Michael C. Hall, attended Ravenscroft, a private school where my girlfriend’s sister taught, which made me somewhat more interested than I would typically be in a show about a serial killer.  They also had the first two seasons ready to stream live, so I figured what the heck.  I decided to check out the first couple of episodes and see what all the hoop-a-la was about.

Boy was I in for a treat.

I’m not going to tell you anything about this show that you can’t find in one of a million places on the internet.  Michael C. Hall has a quirky charisma about him when he’s on screen as Dexter.  He plays a mannequin masquerading with emotions insanely well and before you know what hits you, you’re cheering for a serial killer to succeed.  It’s some weird, sick psychological trick that Showtime is pulling over there.

Well, as I was reading some news about the upcoming 5th season of Dexter, I happened upon something called Dexter Early Cuts.  Showtime released three short videos (about 8 minutes each) to preface the launching of last season.  If you’re a fan of Dexter, it’s a pretty neat way to spend a half hour of your day and get your Dexter fix.


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