Time Out in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

There are a few restaurants I make it a point to stop in at when I come down to visit North Carolina.  Bullock’s Bar-B-Cue, Shiki Sushi, and of course Bojangles.


It’s the honey mustard that runs through my veins.

There is one exquisite dining stop down in these parts, however, that excites me more than just about any other.  After an evening out on the town, Time-Out Restaurant in the heart of downtown Chapel Hill is a must have.  Home of the famous chicken cheddar biscuit, Time-Out is open 24/7, 365 days a year.  Legend has it that after opening the restaurant, the owner threw away the key.  That may have been because the only time he had to worry about customers was after last call at all the bars on Franklin Street.

It’s not the kind of restaurant that you take a nice lady to on a first date, unless you happened to meet that nice lady in the five minutes prior at the bar.  It’s Southern fried food served up fast and hot.  All of the employees may not speak English, but they all understand ‘fried chicken’ or ‘pork bar-b-que’.  The inside definitely has more of a college dorm-room feel to it than anything, as pictures of famous UNC athletes and celebrities grace the wall, giving the famous ‘time out’ signal.  It’s the kind of place you go to if you want your heart attack to taste delicious, like bar-b-que, mac-and-cheese and mashed potatoes.

Time out Chapel Hill, NC

This mac and cheese has held world governments together.

But don’t let the classed down interior or somewhat fratboy feel fool you.  This food is deep-fried, Southern deliciousness at its finest.  So the next time you’re in Chapel Hill, do your lower intestinal tract a favor and stop by Time Out.  You won’t regret it.


One Response to Time Out in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

  1. J. James says:

    This was just featured on a Travel Channel show the other day. It’s a restaurant one cannot forget.

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