Things I would not have believed at the beginning of the 2010 Major League Baseball season

On August 1st…

Your NL West division leader will be the San Diego Padres.  The Texas Rangers will be your AL West leaders by 8 1/2 games.

Lyle Overbay, Will Venable, Ian Desmond, Fred Lewis, both the Hairston brothers, Casey Kotchman, Pedro Alvarez, and Jayson Nix will all have more home runs than Jason Bay.

Nate McLouth will be playing baseball at Triple-A Gwinnett.

The best rookie pitcher will be a guy not named Stephen Strasburg.  That’d be Mat Latos.

Albert Pujols could be on pace for a career low in OPS… with a .950 mark.

There will be two contenders for the Triple Crown.  Joey Votto will be in contention for the NL Triple Crown: .325 [1st]/27 [1st]/72 [4th].

Miguel Cabrera will be in contention for the AL Triple Crown: .351 [2nd]/26 [2nd]/91 [1st].

Jose Bautista will be leading Major League Baseball with 31 home runs.

A .335/14/81 line will belong to Twins’ outfielder Delmon Young.

There will have been five no-hitters.  Two of them will have been perfect games.  One of those perfect games will have been thrown by Dallas Braden.

Armando Galarraga will have been robbed of another perfect game on a call that should have been the last out.

Tampa Bay will have fallen victim to another perfect game (thrown by Dallas Braden) and a no-hitter (thrown by Edwin Jackson).

Adrian Gonzalez will still be swinging his stick in San Diego.

Scott Podsednik will be considered an important acquisition at the trading deadline.

Elvis Andrus will have zero home runs.

You can meet the two pitchers leading the league in strike outs in Anaheim.  Their names are Jered Weaver and Dan Haren (155).

Corey Hart and Rickie Weeks will both be in the middle of stellar seasons.

Vladimir Guerrero’s line will be .305/21/84.

Victor Martinez will be beating Howie Kendrick in home runs… by one.

The Pittsburgh Pirates won’t be the worst team in Major League Baseball.  Thanks, Baltimore Orioles.


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