On South Park on Netflix Live

South Park is one of the most relevant, funny, and unforgiving shows on television.  If you’re easily offended, it’s not going to be your kind of show.  They make fun or light of the handicapped, gay people, fat people, people with speech impediments, racism, and – gasp – yes, even Islam.  Apparently this is a hot-button topic now-a-days with some Muslim extremists threatening people who have the gall to show an image of their religious figure, Muhammad.  Whatever.

Now because of these religious fanatics, Netflix is trying to be ‘politically correct’ and not have the episode available from their streaming video selection.  The message that sends is that Netflix thinks it’s okay to make fun of the mentally retarded, physically disabled, impoverished, obese, discriminated, as well as anyone else that Trey Parker and Matt Stone place in their crosshairs.  But showing an image of Muhammad.  Whoah!  That crosses the imaginary moral line they’ve drawn in the sand.  You’re actually going to have to wait for Netflix to ship that disc to you in the mail if you want to look at Muhammad.  What a joke.

Netflix, you are officially on my douche list now.

This is where Netflix's social boundaries lie. 'Cripple Fight' is okay to watch online, but not 'The Super Best Friends'.

Thanks a lot, Bin Laden.


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