I have had a very fun, interesting, and, at times, exciting trip to Las Vegas.  There will be more on that to come in the near future.  Right now, however, my travels are taking me to Los Angeles, California, where I will meet up with the most baller dude on the West Coast.



I’m pretty nefarious for wanting to be at the airport plenty early.  Today I checked out of my hotel room at 11:00, shuttled to the airport by 12:00, and now, at 12:40:26 PST, I only have about 4 1/2 hours until my flight departs for LAX.  The self check-in says it’s too early for me to check in yet.  I disagree.

Overkill?  Maybe.  But I’m not risking cabbing back to downtown for a couple of hours and missing my flight when there are plenty of slots by Gates A,B,C to keep me busy.

This is my first trip through McCarran International Airport and I couldn’t be more excited to have learned that they have free WiFi here, unlike the rest of Vegas.  I haven’t seen the internet from anywhere other than my phone since Sunday morning.  I started having the shakes the other day.

It’s comforting to be back in touch with you, my internet audience.  By the way, did something happen with Jennifer Aniston while I was gone?  She’s 81 times more popular than Pedro Alvarez, his hat, and his ears.


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