Steve Phillips is an idiot: Vol. 2

Steve Phillips is so ignorant, I had to write a second volume to highlight how stupid he really is.  If you missed my first article about how stupid Steve Phillips is, check it out here.  Also, thank you Bobby Valentine for chiming in below that piece.

To leave a lasting legacy of his idiocy in New York, Steve Phillips made several stupefying moves that most baseball fans are already well aware of.  There was a little blip on the radar, however, back in 2000 that not very many people are aware of.  On January 3, 2000, Steve Phillips grew weary of the pinch-hitting wonder Bobby Bonilla and his meager stat lines.  So rather than let him play out the last year of his contract in which he was making $5.9 million, Steve Phillips in his infinite wisdom decided to buy out the last year of Bobby Bo’s service.  The terms of that buyout:

Starting in 2011, Bobby Bonilla will be on the New York Mets’ payroll making $1,193,248.20 annually.  For the next 25 years.

Let that sink in.

That’s $29,831,205.  Or 596,624,100 nickles.  No matter how you hash it, the New York Mets owe Bobby Bonilla a lot of money.  They will be paying Bobby Bonilla annually until he is 72 years old.  Because Steve Phillips is a moron.

“That beautiful thing,”  is how Bonilla referred to his contract, so on the positive side of things, we know at least one person is happy about this deal.

Fortunately, if Carlos Beltran doesn’t come back from the disabled list anytime soon, they can always activate Bonilla, and trade Jeff Francoeur to Cleveland for the hot dog vendor in Sections 183-195.  I think people in New York would have more respect for the man if it turned out that he was actually a saboteur and was trying to destroy the franchise.  It’s much more painful for them to think that he tried to destroy it unintentionally with his own ineptitude.  Ah, what a way to celebrate the tenure of one of the biggest dolts to work a front office job in the history of baseball.  Cheers, New York!

Want to be the GM for the Mets? You're probably overqualified.


2 Responses to Steve Phillips is an idiot: Vol. 2

  1. Bobby Bo says:

    What do you and Steve care?Its not yours or his money that I am getting. I want to personaly thank Steve Phillips for giving me some of Fred Wilpon’s money years after I retired. Oh yeah! I want to personally say to the Pirates fans that I am sorry that we couldn’t give you a World Series title in the early 90’s, I would have stayed but the Mets gave me that huge contract that I just couldn’t turn down. Oh well, I am about to tee off, take care!!

  2. J. James says:

    lol wtf?

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