Doppelgänger of the Day: Vol. 5

The other day I was watching a ‘Law & Order’ mini-marathon on TNT because that’s what I do before baseball games start during the summer.  This day I was feeling particularly tired from doing nothing all day long, so I fell asleep during one of my favorite episodes.  Upon awakening from my slumber, I was disappointed to see that I had slept through the remainder of the ‘Law & Order’ mini-marathon right into that shitty show ‘Bones’, starring the guy who dated Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the ever-endearing Zooey Deschanel’s older sister.

Take a moderately interesting premise, two bland actors, terrible chemistry. Purée. Air on Fox.

Frustrated that my hibernation was disturbed for such terrible television, I searched frantically for the remote control to save what little sanity the 30 seconds of watching that show left me.  However, before I could find the savior of my sanity, one of the characters on the show squealed with glee about something, and like an opossum in the headlights, I was witness to something that literally froze me in my tracks.

Britney Spears guest starred on that show… right after she shaved her head!  I immediately ceased my quest for the digital God of channels and instead focused every ounce of attention I could muster to the television.  Disgusted with myself on many levels (1. In high school I loved Britney Spears 2. I reduced myself to watching ‘Bones’ to see her act with her head shaved), I watched intently as to how the writers were going to weave this nutjob into their narrative.

And then I realized, that character on the show, it wasn’t Britney Spears.  It was just a really effeminate-looking dude.  His name, I learned: Eric Millegan.

Left: An actor from the television show 'Bones'. Right: An actress from the award winning documentary 'Crossroads'.

Editor’s Note: If you ever, for some unexplainable reason, happen upon the episode of ‘Bones’ when Eric Millegan’s character returns from a trip to the Middle East with the military, the resemblance is even more profound. This photograph doesn’t do the actual resemblance justice.


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