What's in the water in Toledo?

I’m sure that Major League Baseball teams around the country are asking themselves that while trying not to wet themselves in anticipation of Rick Porcello’s promotion back to The Bigs.  Detroit was delighted to option Porcello to the AAA Toledo Mud Hens yesterday to work out some kinks, namely the ones that have caused a bloated 6.14 ERA on the year.

Why might Detroit be delighted by optioning the future star of their rotation? you may ask.  Well because the last two starters they demoted and then called back up to the club were nothing less than dominant upon their return.  On May 30th, Max Scherzer, the first to drink the Mud Hen Kool-Aid, threw 5 1/3 innings, striking out 14 batters after his all expense paid trip to Toledo.  After his recall on May 16th, Galarraga found himself one out away from throwing baseball’s 21st perfect game, while drawing praise from famed baseball analyst and ruthless dictator, Hugo Chavez.

The Mud Hens' secret? Steroids.

What does this mean for Porcello’s future with Detroit?  Well seeing as how he’s the more coveted pitcher out of the three recently demoted/promoted crowd, I’m expecting nothing less than a 27-pitch perfect game in his future.  I really think this vacation to Toledo is going to pay off in some huge dividends, gang.

Mud Hens pitching coaches: you’re on the clock!


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