Steve Phillips is an idiot.

This is the face of a total turd sandwich.

I can’t repeat this sentiment enough.  It physically hurts my brain when I pause and consider that this man was a general manager for a professional baseball team for seven years. I loathed his commentary on ESPN.  Absolutely loathed it.  There were nights when I had to turn off “Baseball Tonight” or put ESPN’s baseball programming on mute because I couldn’t stand to listen to him and Joe Morgan ramble incoherently for three hours.  Listening to that man talk was like listening to a homeless person prattle about giving handjobs for spare change at 1:30 AM at a urine-reeking bus stop.  In fact, I’d probably be more interested in what the homeless person had to say.  Steve Phillips is a blithering idiot of highest caliber.

His personnel decisions during his tenure with the Mets were absolutely terrible.  When the pressure was put on him to win in New York, he attempted to trade future cornerstone third baseman David Wright to Toronto as well as shortstop Jose Reyes to the Indians.  Fortunately, Cleveland wanted top prospect Alex Escobar to help continue their tradition of futility instead, so Reyes remained in Queens.  Steve Phillips took a solid New York Mets team and destroyed it like a mosquito on a windshield by adding over-aged, over-hyped, and over paid players like Mo Vaughn, Roberto Alomar and Jeromy Burnitz to their roster.  To top it all off, Phillips then put Bobby Valentine’s head on the chopping block when Bobby couldn’t win with the horrendous, Frankenstein-like disaster he’d created.  Watching Steve Phillips operate as general manager was like watching “The Day After Tomorrow” or “2012”.  Everyone knows the movie’s a comedy except for the person putting it all together.  And I will say that at least after you watch those terrible films, you don’t want to stab yourself in the eye with a steak knife.

I guess, all things considered, it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise when Steve Phillips stated that he if were general manager of the Washington Nationals, he would trade Stephen Strasburg for Roy Oswalt straight up.

Jesus Christ.  That man should not be allowed within 300 feet of a baseball stadium.

If you look at Strasburg strictly from a financial standpoint, he’s going to pay himself off by the end of next season.  Signed for 4 years, 15 million dollars, Strasburg has generated a ton of positive buzz around baseball as well as increased revenue at his first home Nationals game to a million dollars.  Oswalt, on the other hand, is owed 16 million dollars next season.  Do you think that Oswalt is going to create a million dollars worth of revenue at each home start, Steve Phillips?  Strasburg is a modern-day Fernando Valenzuela.  People will pay the nickel to watch the man throw.  It’s spectacle as much as it is a baseball game.

If you look at Strasburg from a statistical standpoint, it may be even more insane to consider trading him for anything less than Ted Williams, Roberto Clemente, and Steve Carlton.  If he continues to locate like he has and throw those tight breaking pitches that make players like Andy LaRoche mess themselves in the batter’s box, you’d be an idiot not to trade your entire Houston Astros team for him right now.  Straight up.  People will contest that he’s not throwing against the Yankees or Red Sox every night.  I’ll contest that with 32 Ks in 19 1/3 innings pitched, he could cram it up the Yankees asses just as hard as the Pirates or White Sox.  He has 5 BBs on the year, all of which came against Cleveland when he was clearly a little domed up about the mound.  That game he only threw 5 1/3 and  struck out 8 while giving up 1 earned run.

Can anyone guarantee that Strasburg will have a career that is half as successful as Roy Oswalt’s?  No.  No one knows that.  But if you look at the value of Strasburg right now, and you were mentally deranged and wanted to trade him for some reason, you sure could get a lot more out of him than just Roy Oswalt.

I certainly hope that with his most recent moronic statement, Steve Phillips has successfully blackballed himself from working a front office job in baseball ever again.  In fact, I would hope he couldn’t fill the newly available racing pierogi vacancy in Pittsburgh after saying something like that.

Steve Phillips is not qualified for this job. Not even on an interim basis.


Here’s a very informative article on the ineptitude of Steve Phillips during his time with the Mets.


3 Responses to Steve Phillips is an idiot.

  1. Bobby V. says:

    Thanks for letting everyone know that Steve Phillips is an idiot. I couldn’t stand working with the guy.

  2. […] he really is.  If you missed my first article about how stupid Steve Phillips is, check it out here.  Also, thank you Bobby Valentine for chiming in below that […]

  3. Andy says:

    You’re welcome, Bobby V. Glad I could help out.

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