"With greater power comes the need for greater responsibility."

I hope this clichéd company isn’t serious about The Spyder III.  In case you’re not up on your science tech, Wicked Lasers has invented the most dangerous portable laser known to man.  For $200, you can permanently blind and scar your friends by having your own real life lightsaber battles.  Now those annoying high school kids with laser pointers can point at the drive-in screen and simultaneously light it on fire.

I think advertising this as a real-life lightsaber may be a bit irresponsible.

I am all for advancements in technology.  However, I feel like this dangerous weapon can be acquired a little too easily.  If you don’t believe how dangerous this bad-boy can be, check out the warning from the company that produces this sucker here.  It’s pretty crazy.

However, you can order your very own combustion-blinding machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Jeez, I hope the kids in my neighborhood don’t find out about this.


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