Carlos Santana (probably not the one you’re thinking of) is the real deal

We’re looking at the baseball player, not the guitarist.  However, the guitarist is also equally awesome.  (And don’t worry, I will make a few cheesy analogies comparing Carlos the baseball player to Carlos the guitarist at the end.)

Clearly they are not the same person.

Santana is my investment this season in my fantasy baseball keeper league.  All the hype surrounding catching prospects Matt Wieters and Buster Posey have helped to overshadow the Indians’ phenom.  A 24 year old, switch hitting catcher, Santana was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers before being shipped out of their minor league system in July 2008 with John Meloan for Casey Blake (Cleveland also ate the remaining 2 million dollars of Blake’s contract).  That was the first time I took notice of Carlos, and since then he’s only grown nearer and dearer to me.  Learning about Carlos was like learning about a great aunt you didn’t know you had until a trip to the nursing home with your mom, but then you find out that she’s totally rich and dying.  You realize the treasure you have in that rich, dying aunt and how you should capitalize off of her death love her until the day she dies.  That 2008 season between three leagues he walked 89 times while only striking out 85 times while hitting .326 on the year.  He drove in 117 runs with a .999 OPS coupled with 10 stolen bases.

He also stole my heart that season.

His career minor league numbers are staggering, to say the least.  Have a look here, if you’d like.

316 career walks versus 307 career K’s.  Oh, man.  All of the offensive numbers he’s compiled, his plate discipline and pop at the dish, coupled with his above-average arm behind it have me holding him a roster spot on my team despite his current minor league status.  If he continues to progress and produce like he has so far, Carlos Santana is going to be a pretty big deal.   He could be my redemption for having traded Pablo Sandoval for Jay Bruce last season (however, Bruce really is shaping up this season and hopefully living up to some of the hype).   From the start of his Major League career I think he’s going to have a lot of people saying, “You got the kind of lovin’ that can be so smooth.”


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