Union City Lip Dub

Straight up gangsta.

This is a pretty neat contest that All-Star teacher Mr. Hale introduced me to this evening.  His school, Union City High School, has entered into, as I understand it, a video Lip Dub contest on YouTube.  It’s a pretty neat social experiment, even if it’s not a contest.  Go to YouTube and type in ‘lip dub’ and check out all of the results.  If it’s in true lip dub form, the video should be lip-syncing a song with a group of people all in one shot. If you’re not impressed by the quality of these videos, you’ve clearly never tried to shoot a video for an extended period of time all in one shot.  Anyways, check out the video below and some of the other videos as well.  They’re pretty sweet.


2 Responses to Union City Lip Dub

  1. Andy says:

    This video is really solid. In Shorewood’s lip dub, the kids learned to sing all of their lines backwards, filmed everything backwards, then played it forward. It looks amazing.

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