Late night television and my sincerest apologies

First of all, I feel terrible that I’ve missed out on an opportunity to jump into the middle of the Late Night Wars over at NBC while the jumping was good. My loyalties rest with Conan (AKA – Conebone69), and as such, I side more with the party that agrees Jay Leno is a giant douche than I do with the side that says NBC made the right decision. That’s a debate, however, that I don’t have time to enter at this moment because (what a perfect lead into my next segment of this post)…

I’m back in school!

So I have no time to do things like blog here. Since my graduate program is 100% online, I have to blog on my professor’s web page with other students about educational things. I am extremely saddened by this and will try and keep up with my constant readers the best that I can (I’ll still need some creative writing time to get me through the weeks), but mostly my posts from here on out will pertain to educational leadership and all the fun topics that entails. I’m also assuming once I start coaching baseball, some of my friends and family may think I’m dead. Please inform them that I’m alive and well in Townville, Pennsylvania.

So, constant readers, I bid you adieu for now and leave you with this: my parting thoughts on Leno v. O’Brien.


2 Responses to Late night television and my sincerest apologies

  1. Kari says:

    I enjoyed this email immensely… Great way to start my morning!

  2. Kari says:

    I didn’t mean email. I meant video. Apparently I’m not quite awake yet.

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