Not that I'm complaining

Recently, I’ve tried to take a more positive approach towards my relocation back to Northwestern Pennsylvania. It’s been incredibly difficult to move back to an area where I grew up and left because, well… because I outgrew it. I do understand that it was my decision to make and that nobody made me move back here. I also understand that it’s my option to leave and go wherever my little wandering heart desires. Hindsight, thus far in my life, has yet to be my friend.

Part of my positive outlook approach has been to think of the benefits of moving back here (much like Jim and his charts on ‘The Office’.) I’m getting grad school completely paid for and I can go for whatever I want in the field of education. I’m compensated incredibly well. In the summer, Erie is a city that is actually a lot of fun. A significant chunk of my friends still populate this area (thankfully). I’ll have the opportunity to coach baseball this spring at Maplewood.

Despite the positives I’ve been able to come up with, it pains me to wake up and have to see this again:

7 Day Forecast: Depressing, with a chance of pessimism.

I need a vacation.


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