I've got a soft spot in my heart for this one.

Some of you may be aware of this already, but if not, you’re about to be. Towards the beginning of November, there was a tragedy that befell all the residents of the Edinboro area when a head-on car crash took the lives of three Edinboro University students: John Eyrolles, Domenico Crea, and Sheldon Harmon. Even more tragically, however, was that reckless driving on the part of Domenico Crea, who had previously been cited for careless driving only days prior, led to two other deaths.

As an alum of EUP, I feel a deep sadness that such a horrible and seemingly avoidable event has to cast yet another shadow on our University family. I also feel a very personal sadness, however, about the loss of Sheldon Harmon. Sheldon was an animation major at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and, by all accounts that I’ve read, one of the most dedicated, hardest working kids on campus. He was vice president of the Animation Club at Edinboro, a member of the Robert C. Weber Honors Program, and had already had some of his work published in medical books.

I didn’t know him personally and I probably would’ve never known anything of the guy if it weren’t for this loss. But as a kid who spent 80% of his day doodling in the margins of his notebooks or on his paper bag book covers, it really stung to see all of this amazing talent and potential gone in an instant.

Looking for the positive, The Animation Club at Edinboro University has established the Sheldon Harmon Memorial Fund which will be selling wristbands in his honor. All of the initial proceeds will go towards a goal established by the Animation Club and proceeds exceeding said goal will continue to the art club or go towards a charitable organization.

Also, the hot Boro blogspot yourboro.com, will be donating $1 for every 100 unique hits a day that they receive until the end of Christmas day, so take a second and click on the link below:

Yourboro, helping out the community
. Nice work, guys.


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