Cao rocks the House

As much as I’m hyper-critical of politicians, it’s nice to see someone like Rep. Anh Cao (pronounced “gow”), who, on Saturday, November 7th, was the only Republican to cast his or her vote for the Affordable Health Care for America Act.

Cao is the current U.S. Representative from Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district, which consists of almost all of New Orleans. As a Republican politician in a traditionally democratic district, most political commentators and enthusiasts believe that Cao is going to be a one-and-done Representative. That of course leads to speculation that he can be more outspoken because there may be no second term. But regardless of what anyone else thinks, Cao has pointed out that he bases his decisions, party-popular or not, on the needs of the citizens in his district.

Now, granted, Cao didn’t cast his vote until after the bill had received the necessary 218 votes to secure its passing, but he still made his point, which was that he wasn’t worried about keeping the favor of the people in his party if it meant that the people in his district would suffer from it. I would have been curious to see how Cao would have voted had it come down to his vote being the deciding factor. I’d like to think he would’ve stayed the course and voted based on his convictions, but I don’t know the guy, so I can’t honestly say.

Make sure to check out the link above to read about the important piece of legislation that just passed this weekend and check out the video below to hear from Cao himself. He seems like a straight shooter, but he could also be trying to make everyone think that about him so as to help pave his way towards becoming the first Emperor of America. Either way, he should be pretty entertaining to watch for the rest of his term.

Cao talking with the ‘stache.


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