Random Ramblings: Volume 1

Every now and then I like to let loose a little steam. I’ll be doing this in a segment I like to call random ramblings. They will be exactly that. My brother likes to call this ‘lazy writing’. I like to refer to it as planting seeds for future writing. They may not be the most coherent or articulated thoughts, but hopefully you can appreciate some of them. So, my constant readers, enjoy Volume 1 of Random Ramblings.

I like girls with nice noses. I think noses are probably one of the ugliest body features, so I like girls who have a nice one.

I love playoff baseball. I wish the Pirates would make the playoffs more often than every two decades or so.

Two little scoops of heaven.

Superman ice cream is delicious.

College is really easy. Really easy. Standardized testing is a very accurate way to measure someone’s capacity to learn. Sorry.

Philip Roth is a very good author, but a very dry read. (But The Great American Novel is a fantastic book)

I love nonfiction books about baseball. There aren’t as many well written fiction ones. (See The Great American Novel as an example of a good fictional baseball book)

South Park is still one of the funniest shows on television. Randy Marsh and Butters are two of my favorite television characters behind Hawkeye, Jack Bauer, and Uncle Jesse.

You can get anybody to swing and miss at a great changeup. It’s the best pitch to know how to throw.

I just watched a play at the plate that determined whether Minnesota was going to make it into the playoffs or not and there’s nothing more intense in all of sports. I love it. It makes me wish the Pirates didn’t suck so much.

“Where the Wild Things Are” is going to be an amazing movie. Have you seen the trailer? It makes me want to hug a baby and save a tiny kitten stuck in a tree.


One Response to Random Ramblings: Volume 1

  1. Jonathan says:

    Random Ramblings… RANDOM RAMBLINGS??? Not even a famous author yet and people are taking credit for my completely original thoughts as their own. Let me direct you to this Random Ramblings, sir. Okay, whatever, it doesn’t matter that searching “Random Ramblings” in Google provides 472,000 results… but hey, going back to my old blog, I had a Random Ramblings back in January 2006. It was called Issue 1, but there was never an Issue 2. I think it was the first ever and the name took off.

    “Philip Roth is a very good author, but a very dry read.”

    Oh goodness, he is anything but dry in my opinion. Apparently, I need to loan you some more books (e.g. ‘The Dying Animal’ and ‘Everyman’ are two short good books to start with).

    Superman ice cream is indeed delicious though.

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