A blogger was murdered? I guess he doesn't have much to say anymore, does he?

Whenever I hear someone talk about CSI, it always makes me laugh. Mostly because the first thing I think of is the Church of Scientology International and there’s rarely anything more amusing than the fact that they’re considered a nonprofit organization.
Oh, I’m sorry. Did you think I was going to talk about that crappy TV show? Well, I am.
I absolutely can’t stand that show. It’s spawned an entire generation of people who want to grow up to be “Crime Scene Investigators”. There are detectives, who investigate the crime and there are forensic scientists who apply sciences to crimes and analyze evidence that can be used in a criminal trial. To my knowledge, I have never, EVER, heard of a police unit anywhere referred to as the ‘Crime Scene Investigation Unit’. If I’m wrong, please, feel free to direct me to the nearest CSI Unit so I can ask them some questions about their vocation.
Anyways, none of that is really important. What is important is how much that show sucks. It sucks, mostly in my opinion, because of the guy who actually stars on the show, David Caruso. God, old people LOVE this guy. I don’t know if it’s because he puts sunglasses on right before he says something he thinks is witty, but really sounds like it came straight out of a ‘Naked Gun’ movie. I don’t care what old people think, putting on sunglasses mid-sentence right before you try and say something witty is not cool.
So yesterday, when my brother showed me the video clip embedded below, I squealed with joy because it summed up my feelings toward David Caruso and his cheesy, over-acted, over-played one-liners.
Even if you’re a Caruso fan, you’ve got to admit it doesn’t take much talent to do this:


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