Art imitating life… if I were actually artistic

Another recurring theme around these blogging parts is going to be cinema. I’ve always been a fan of performing arts and, at one point in my life, was actually quite the thespian myself. It all started when… well I won’t bore you with that story right now, but let’s just say that I’ve always been a fan of a good film.
Much like with ‘Field of Dreams’, every now-and-then a film comes along that just seems to click with me. It’s kind of like when you meet a member of the opposite sex and on that first date you’re finishing each other’s sentences, talking about how much you both love yachting, and feeding each other from your sushi platters. God, I hate those people.
But back to my analogy. A few years ago a much overlooked comedy was released starring a little known actor named Jason Segel titled ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’. My friend Joel and I went to check this movie out on its opening night and let me tell you, it was like that first date that clicked. For me and the movie. Not for Joel and me.
If you haven’t yet seen this film, do yourself a favor and check it out. A quick rundown for you:

This story follows the life of Peter Bretter, a musician who’d been reduced to writing ‘tones’ for his famous girlfriend, Sarah Marshall’s, CSI-like show. When she breaks the news that she’s leaving him, Peter ends up booking a vacation to a Hawaiian island… where his exgirlfriend and new beau have also booked a vacation.
Hilarity ensues.
The beauty of this film to me was how, for a comedy, unflinching and real it was. It wasn’t scared to try and make their characters seem real. It tried to show them dealing with things that a lot of people have had to deal with in their lives and not just how it affects the down-on-his luck dumped guy, but how that guy and his girlfriend got to that point in their relationship. People who you would typically hate (like the cheating girlfriend and the sleezeball she was banging) don’t just get drug over the coals. It shows their point of view as well. Now, did it do all that in a funny way? Sure, because, after all, it is a comedy. Are there a few cheap laughs in there? Most definitely. Especially if male nudity makes you uncomfortable.

But who can’t connect to this:

Who hasn’t been there at one point or another? My only hang up is I can’t play the piano.
Comedies catch a lot of flack in cinema, and rightfully so, most of the time. However, when a solid one comes around that I can really connect with and that doesn’t try too hard for a cheap laugh, there’s no genre of film I enjoy more.


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